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What is property sourcing?

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Sourcing Property

LD Property Developers specialise in sourcing property for new and experienced investors. We source below market value (BMV) properties so you don’t have to spend time viewing properties. This is something that we are very passionate about. Many things affect property values. Criteria varies according to area. Supply and demand and local amenities will affect price. Likewise, if a property is BMV and changes to local infrastructure are planned. Some properties will offer investors renovation opportunities which can add value.  Consequently, giving you financial freedom and high rental yields. In brief, POTENTIAL.

Sourcing below market value (BMV) property. Key drivers of demand

Employment growth

Tech hubs have grown around Bristol and Cardiff in recent years. Massive investment potential exists as a result across South Wales. And both cities are easily commutable between each other and for people living in Wales and the South West.

Additionally, five other new regional hotspots have been identified by tech industry experts BDO, four of them in the North and Midlands.


Consequently, this is good news for property investors. IT workers often favour areas that have an artisan edginess. Moreover, in Hackney, properties adjascent to Hackney Wick and the Olympic Park almost doubled in price between 2002 and 2013. To clarify, LDP source the new regeneration areas.

Infrastructure improvements

By and large the best known are HS2 and HS3. But property developers have been eyeing up potential in these areas for years. For this reason we dig deeper and look at the less well known projects such as the new train line between Portishead and Bristol. Our sources include government backed schemes as well as improvements in technology infrastructure.

Sourcing Student Property

We study the latest research conducted by nationwide agents such as Knight Frank and Savills. Moreover, local and national changes in legislation can limit supply if properties fall within specified zones. However, we use this to our advantage. We identify nearby areas that aren’t affected to the same extent. Furthermore, we advise potential investors as to how best to let property whilst following new planning parameters.

Steps To Sourcing Properties


LD Property Developers are happy to conduct the initial viewings on your behalf. We take a great deal of pride in being able to negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf. We liaise with solicitors, surveyors, lettings agents and refurbishment teams.

Your Requirements

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your requirements and criteria as we are working for you. This can be done face to face, Skype or over the phone.

Assistance Provided

Additionally, we can provide assistance with the buying process through our network of tried and tested award-winning mortgage brokers, seen as some of the experts in their field by their peers.

The Property Market

A wider view of the property market, can influence positively or negatively the appropriateness of certain areas. If our research shows that it would be in your best interests to consider another location as it is better suited to your strategy, we would make those recommendations.

Sourcing Property

Exclusive Access

Most importantly, we have exclusive access to properties that are not on the open market, and properties below market value through the development of long term relationships within our networks.

Tax Deductible

Our professional fees may be tax deductible depending on your circumstances.

Geographical Area

And we go to extraordinary lengths to fully research the geographical area and carry out due diligence on the property.

Market Analysis

Moreover, we constantly review and analyse the market, taking into account not only what is happening economically and politically within the UK, but we also consider the global influences.

Will I have to pay a deposit?

The answer is yes. This is a fairly standard practice. The actual amount might vary since we have a variety of individual services you may also want to make use of. Additionally, you can expect a basic finder’s fee, usually between 1% and 2% depending on the selling price of the property, or a fixed fee.

At LDP you will never have any doubts about where your money’s going. Furthermore, we never get the ball rolling on your deal without making sure we have confirmed everything with you, in writing. Hence there are no hidden charges. Nor will any creep up on you down the line.

Likewise, you will always be fully informed regarding all aspects of your deal including the exact finder’s fee applicable. We normally ask for a minimum of £1,000 to secure the property. Once the exchange of contracts is completed any remaining balance on your finder’s fee will become due when the exchange of contracts on the property takes place. Sometimes a property can be withdrawn from sale, or it fails to meet the required value for a successful mortgage. In either case, you can be assured, your property reservation deposit will get refunded to you in full.


We’ll sell your property quickly, in days not months. Avoid estate agency fees and still get full market value.


Bringing older housing stock back into current use to satisfy the highest demands ever seen in the UK property market.


Help provide win-win deals for all parties involved throughout the property investment chain.


We source and develop properties for our investors that offers excellent returns on their investments.

What we offer..

A free no obligation one to one meeting by Zoom, telephone or in person, to discuss your requirements at a time convenient for you.
We complete our property questionnaire, ensuring we understand all your requirements, criteria and most importantly your reason for investing in property.
Furthermore, we carry out area and property research. We always seek to have two exit strategies for every property as this ensures better protection of your investment.
We then provide you with a shortlist of suitable properties to review and arrange viewings.

We negotiate the best purchase price on your behalf, always aiming for BMV and will manage the buying process for you.

Helping You Achieve Success

Matching people and property.

There’s so much to consider when investing in property. Moreover, we understand the importance of carefully matching a property in accordance with the unique needs of each and every client. LD Property Developers operate independently on your behalf. By the same token, we’ll find you a property that will serve your budget, strategy and investment expectations. Furthermore, we are here to assist you every step of the way. With LDP you’re never left alone in the dark. Likewise, neither is your hard earned investment ever put to chance. Additionally, we use our expertise to draw upon extensive and up to date market knowledge. And we creatively apply highly innovative techniques. We spare no effort until we find a property that’s the perfect fit for you.

No matter your requirements, whether you’re buying or investing, there’s a property deal which we can tailor uniquely for you. All the while keeping your best interests at heart. Equally, our team boasts experience promoting successful property deals all over the UK. Regardless of your budget, or the particular criteria you’re looking to invest upon, we are ready to help you make the right choice.

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