Investing in Property

What is property investing?

What you need to know about..

Investing In Property

For one thing, property investing can be extremely rewarding. You can gain financially while providing a place for someone to live.

To begin with, the first step to investing in property is educating yourself. Granted, property investment carries risks. Spend some time researching the pros and cons, or seek the advice of a professional. You might be better suited to other kinds of investments so explore the possibilities away from property investment and keep an open mind.

Firstly, it can be an additional income stream.

On the whole the general trend of property values is upwards.

Further, it helps to spread overall investments.

However, your capital is at risk.

Conversely, property prices may crash.

While tenants may default on rental properties.

Return On Investment

Does investing in property offer good ROI?

Home ownership in Britain has traditionally been seen as a safe way of investing money, offering a good return on investment whilst providing the investor somewhere to live. Owners can downsize as they get older and pass on property within the family.

Buying a second home or investing in buy-to-let property offers further investment opportunities and can provide rental income.

Investing In Property

We specialise in residential property, but you may want to consider commercial investments. We highly recommend you read ‘Commercial property investment explained’, a guide in the April 2020 edition of Which?

Research the market. Look at regional variations in price and ROI. Remember for buy-to-let mortgages you’ll need to put down a higher deposit than for ordinary home owners.

Download ‘Regional Perspectives, January 2020’ a guide from the British Property Federation.


We’ll sell your property quickly. Indeed, in days not months. Avoid estate agency fees and still get full market value.


Bringing older housing stock back into current use therefore helps satisfy the highest demands ever seen in the UK property market.


Above all, help provide win-win deals for all involved throughout the property investment chain.


We source and develop properties for our investors consequently offering excellent returns on investments.

2 Minute Video

When you’re investing in property, it’s good to get the all round picture. Watch Our 2 Minute Video “Property Sourcing – A Quick Guide”.

Major developers have been hit hard.

Large financial houses have become increasingly very cautious when it comes to investing in commercial property. They have, it seems, bigger fish to fry, after succumbing to huge drops in share prices and investment capital. This has opened up a huge opportunity for smaller investors. There has never been a better time to corner niches of the property market. We confidently advise our investors to focus on strong demand areas. By locking in our profit when we buy low and carrying out quality refurbishments, solid investments can be protected long term.

Pressure on Government.

The drop in the value of the pound makes our shores more appealing to foreign investors looking to own property in the UK. This places additional pressure on the government to appeal to and support local investors. A veritable sign of things to come, and potentially why they have unpicked the proposed income tax changes proposed for 2017. (We have already mitigated this by purchasing in a limited company as corporation tax is set to be reduced over the next 5 years).