Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I use LDP to find myself a property?
We are a completely independent sourcing company working exclusively for both property investors and buyers alike. Our fundamental aim is to find a property that’s just right for you. We have extensive market knowledge and employ creative techniques to select properties which will perfectly suit your needs.

As you may know, estate agents typically work to the advantage and profit of the property seller. We, on the other hand, cater specifically to investors and buyers. Therefore we can claim, unequivocally, that we always have YOUR best interests at heart.

We would be thrilled to help you find your next property investment, one that both you and us, can be proud of.

Can using LDP save me money?
Absolutely! We are specialists who know the property market well. We review property prices all the time, we accurately survey the value of properties in order to relay the benefits of this knowledge to you.

We work closely with agents and industry professionals to understand the seller’s situation so we can use appropriate, ethical and effective negotiation techniques to bring the best property to you.
And finally we are experts at finding properties and fantastic below market value opportunities out there.

Why should I commission LDP to search the market when I could do it myself?
We are always on the search for suitable properties and therefore maintain a ready and an up to date portfolio of properties for sale. Often we have access to opportunities and properties you would not easily find by yourself on the open market. We carry out full research and due diligence on the property so we can match a property with your requirements.

Essentially, we do all the homework so you don’t have to, thereby saving you a great deal of time, hassle and money. Our professional fees may be tax deductible depending on your circumstances.

Who are LDP clients?
We accommodate all types of buyers including those looking to purchase a property for the first time. We also cater perfectly to larger scale property investors. Regardless of your reasons to invest, whether for yourself, on behalf of someone else, either as a short or long term investment – we welcome the opportunity to work with you to get the results you’re looking for.
How do I know that the properties you show me will be suitable?
We always discuss every angle of your prospective investment with you. We aim to fully understand precisely what you’re looking for and what you wish to achieve through your investment. Only once we have established your exact requirements do we start to search for and identify properties most suitable for you.
Can I use my own solicitor, mortgage broker or surveyor?
Yes you certainly can. But if you are unsure who to consult or do not know anyone in these areas, we can make recommendations and put you in touch with the right people in this industry. We regularly work with professionals in these fields on a daily basis so we are uniquely positioned to make introductions of this kind.
What happens if the sale falls through?
What consumer protection does The Property Source have in place?
What are the risks of investing in properties?
Property prices as well as the demands for certain properties can and do fluctuate from time to time. So, whether you’re considering direct or indirect investment, you should see and appreciate benefits to be accrued over the long term.

The smart property investor knows to be patient. There’s a time to wait – during which losses may be incurred, and then there’s a time to action when the market improves. As often happens in the housing market, you will experience slow periods. It comes with the territory. But these inevitably swing back up and prove profitable again.

Remember, as any wise investor will tell you, it’s always a good idea to include a variety of different types of investments in your portfolio. This will prevent you landing in the situation where you may be over invested in property. The key is always to diversify. It just makes good investment sense, even when you go into property.