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How It Works

We source properties. We’ll help you to invest in property. In partnership, we develop properties giving you the choice to keep a rental income or to sell.

About Us

There are many companies out there, each selling the same services as we do. But our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering a quality service from beginning to end, as we want you to tell your friends about us and to continue using our company. We believe there is no greater endorsement than a satisfied client who becomes one of our many champions.

In addition to my passion for properties, I have been equally passionate about personal development and previously run a very successful award winning training and coaching company for over 12 years. During that time I recognised the importance of never stopping learning along the path of continued development and to seek advice from individuals who are the expert in their chosen field. That same philosophy is core to LDP, and likewise, our clients appreciate that we are always happy to answer their questions. We consider that part of their learning on their journey towards their goals and dreams.


Frequently Asked Questions


Mission Statement

“We aim to be the first people you call, whether it’s your first venture into property investment or if you’re an experienced seasoned investor. Whatever you are seeking, we know we can be of service.”

We aim to

Source and/or develop properties for our investors that offers excellent returns on their investments.
Bring older housing stock back into current use to satisfy the highest demands ever seen in the UK property market.
Provide win-win deals for all parties involved throughout the investment chain.
Create increasing employment opportunities for local trades and industry.


Details on properties are currently being updated. Full information coming soon.

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