Fast sales and property investment.

LD Property Developers

Sourcing, selling, developing and investing in property.

LD Property Developers specialise in selling and investing in property. We source below market value properties and achieve FAST sales. We give clients the opportunity to release equity quickly. Furthermore, we don’t charge agency fees. Indeed, we will sell on your behalf at the market rate. LD Property Developers will help you develop property. Sourcing, improving then selling for a profit. Investing in property so as to help you become successful independent property developers.

Get Your Property Valued NOW!

We are property developers. Selling and investing in property. We buy property anywhere in the South-West and Wales. Additionally, we offer a free consultation and valuation service. And will buy any house or flat regardless of value or condition. As a result, you can be your own property developer. Fill in the form and have your property valued within 60 seconds.

Selling Property

What are the advantages of a fast sale?

While it normally takes months to sell, LDP move fast. We are uniquely positioned in the market. First, we have a wealth of experience. Second, we cover all the UK. In addition, we are specialists in the South-West. Coupled with these factors, we buy ANY property.

In brief, reduced stress. Quick house sale in days, not months.

Namely, fast and professional service with experienced property advisers.

Avoid estate agency fees while still achieving up to 100% of the property’s market value.

We offer a free no obligation cash offer within 24 hours.

Our Promise

LD Property Developers will buy any house or flat.

Why Choose Us?

No Fees. Pre-qualified buyers and investors. Your property is advertised on Rightmove and all major property portals. Moreover, your home is guaranteed to be sold. We talk to 1000’s of property investors every month.

Timescales to suit YOU!

We offer a flexible completion date. We can exchange quickly and let you remain in the property until complete. Guaranteed deadlines.
Helping You Achieve Success

Invest in property.

As property developers we source properties for investors. Moreover, we offer sound financial packages that will help you grow your investment portfolio. Consequently providing solid assets for yours and your family’s future.

Better rates than banks.

Fast turnover.

Sell or flip.

LD Property Developers

Tenant demand remains strong.

According to a report by Hamptons International the number of landlords in Britain has dropped to 2.66 million, the lowest level since 2012. Therefore, this provides great opportunities for new property investors, keen to enter the market and diversify their assets. Conversely, the same source points out that landlord portfolios have never been bigger which means that for the savvy investor, there are still good returns to be made.

The right time to invest.

At the present time, the UK is currently experiencing a record massive shortage of the correct housing stock. This is because of several years of neglect and under investment on the part of various governments. While the latest figures show an astounding shortfall of between 1.5 million and 2 million housing units. As a result of these factors, now is the time to invest in property.

Ten reasons to invest in property.

1. First, you can earn an income for life.
2. Secondly, a diverse property portfolio leads to higher financial stability.
3. Third, there are tax Advantages*.
4. Instant gain by buying BMV property thus adding equity.
5. High demand as a result of low supply.
6. You are the boss therefore you can choose..
7. Flexible financial planning while keeping ownership.
8. Rising rental hence better yields.
9. As a result of high inflation you can raise rent while your property gains value.
10. In short, you’re providing a home.

*The specific tax benefits you enjoy will differ based on personal circumstances. Consult an accountant for advice.
Download the latest government briefing paper ‘Tackling the under-supply of housing in England’ here.

Briefing paper number 07671, published by The House of Commons Library, 9 March 2020 as a PDF (1.53MB).

2 Minute Video

When you’re investing in property, it’s good to get the all round picture. Watch Our 2 Minute Video “Property Sourcing – A Quick Guide”.


We’ll sell your property quickly, in days not months. Avoid estate agency fees and still get full market value.


Bringing older housing stock back into current use to satisfy the highest demands ever seen in the UK property market.


Help provide win-win deals for all parties involved throughout the property investment chain.


We source and develop properties for our investors that offers excellent returns on their investments.

Selling and investing is an essential arm of our business.

Property developing represents an excellent opportunity for investors. At the same time we believe that for any development to be successful, it needs to meet our stringent tests of viability. We therefore place heavy emphasis on research into the location. As well as understanding the exact type of property you want to invest in. Above all, we determine the demand for purchasing or renting in a given area.

Sourcing below market value property.

New tech hubs have grown around Bristol and Cardiff in recent years. Consequently, this is good news for property investors. While IT workers often favour areas that have an edginess. Moreover, in Hackney, properties adjascent to Hackney Wick and the Olympic Park almost doubled in price between 2002 and 2013. To clarify, LDP source the upcoming regeneration areas.

We study the latest research conducted by nationwide agents such as Knight Frank and Savills. Moreover, local and national changes in legislation can limit supply if properties fall within specified zones. However, we use this to our advantage. Above all we identify nearby areas that aren’t affected to the same extent. Furthermore, we advise potential investors as to how best to let property while following new planning parameters.

Selling and Investing in Property

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering a quality service from beginning to end.

Above all, we believe there is no greater endorsement than a satisfied client who becomes one of our many champions.

In addition to my passion for properties, I have been equally passionate about personal development. I previously ran an award winning training and coaching company for over 12 years.

During that time I recognised the importance of never stopping learning, likewise continued development. And to seek advice from individuals who are expert in their chosen field.

Similarly, that same philosophy is core to LD Property Developers, and in the same vein, our clients appreciate that we are always happy to answer their questions.

We consider that part of their learning on their journey towards their goals and dreams.